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June 19, 2008


Anna Lea

Don't you wish you looked like that? Well, too bad, it's impossible.


So sad. That is the standard so many of us hold ourselves to, and it's unattainable. Thank God that He thinks we are Crazy Beautiful!
On a side note: no matter how many of these videos I watch here, and even though I know it's coming, that stupid tv thing with the "whooshy" sound and total axxess on it, makes me jump! What is up with that?!?


I've never fully understood the fashion industry and all of this hype about make-up and beauty. To me she isn't beautiful, because I can easily see she doesn't really appear who she really is. Why does society claim she is more beautiful after all of those man-made alterations? Doesn't anybody else think she's more beautiful before all of those layers? We just fall in love with the fake image, or idols, of our day and fail to see the grace and beauty of what God has given to us.

Jen Taber

beau·ty –noun, plural -ties.

1. the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).*

*source: dictionary.com


It's funny that so many of us strive to acheive this 'beauty' and even require this 'beauty' in our lives but we tell our friends, ourselves and others that all we want is for a guy to like us for who we really are.
Do we even know who that is anymore?
How are they supposed to know who that is?
There is no striving to be beautiful. We are made in the image of a beautiful God, so how can we be ugly?
I wish that this video played in the place of a billboard. Or that it was a commercial that at the end said something like 'reality isnt found here.'
thanks for posting this video total axxess.

Sarah Gilpin

If I hate how I look, I feel like I'm slapping my Creator in the face.


Why would we try to make ourselves even more 'beautiful'? God made us in His image.
He made us how we are without make up, the latest clothes, digital imagery and things like that. We are all beautiful exactly how God made us. We don't need anyones approval. (No pun intended)


Beauty is not what you are on the outside it's who you are on the inside!


Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.

- Socrates


to think that we actually WANT to change ourselves that much just to think we are loved...but really, they don't look past your skin. Personally, I want to be loved for who I am in my heart...not by how much of me i can change to suit others


Yes, God is perfect. Yes, He is amazing. But we just can't help editing his art, can we?


beauty is something we are in God's eyes. It doesn't matter how many zits we have or that our teeth are crooked we are all beautifully made by the master artist! We deal with self doubt and things like that almost everyday but it the end we need to know that we are his and that is all that matters

Kevin green

ok i love this video and the message it projects Im totall apauled by what our culture tells us is beautifuul who are they to decide whats prettier because in gods eyes were alljust as crazy beautiful as the next and on a side note if you want to look different then you do wh cant you go get a hair cut fo 15 bucks instead of botox for 500
if you feel the same way or just wanna talk about god or christian views bands or love email me at average_teen1@yahoo.com

Peyton Sheffield

i saw that before but without that song on it and it is sad that so many girls 12 to 13 like my age thinks they have to look like that they just need to know that they all look pretty no matter what those ad says that's what i tell myself and i don't use any of that make up or whatever that stuff is and one of my friends (who is a boy) says i'm more beautiful than any other girl he knows and that i don't need to change the way i look!!! so all those other girls put there need to learn that they beautiful just the way they are and those bigshot companies that airbrush girls faces can't tell them they look ugly no body can!!! and if someone does say that to you just say "at least my beauty's natural" and walk off that's all i know well gotta go my little bro's eaten sugar again bye!!!


Beauty - a quiet grace, a thankful heart, a gracious soul. There is so much beauty in what He has given us through His Son than anything this world holds near and dear.


Ever since I realized my worth as a daughter of God, my view of beauty is less from the eye's perspective, and more from the heart's. I look at this video and it reminds me of how I was mislead into thinking I wasn't enough to be called beautiful, and how society keeps trying to create this illusion that us and our beauty is 'ordinary', when God never created ordinary, he created us; he created magnificent!


Think about it, if you saw a painting in a museum, and you didn't like the way it looked, would you go and try to change it? No. And also, it wouldn't matter what you thought of it, because the artest that made id thinks that it's beautiful. It's just like us. God is our artist, he made us, and he thinks we are beautiful. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, because our creator knows we are beautiful the way that we are. He made us this way for a reason. Why would anyone think that they have the right to try and change or "make better" something that God created?


Sometimes I feel like just slapping all the cheerleaders in my school who wiegh 80-some pounds and still think they're fat. When there are so many teenagers in the world who are Anerexic or Bulimic all because of a cheerleader saying tery're fat so the other person automatically thinks they're fat. C'mon people now is the time for Christians to stand up and reach out to people in need. For they need God's love more than anyone. Anyone who needs to talk to me can I had an aunt who was anerexic and still only weighs 83 pounds... soaking wet. My e-mail is: skategirl70x7@yahoo.com. One final thought- TAKE A STAND!

Lorie Marie Blalock

As a young child and even now as I'm about to turn, 18 I've always been called ugly though I know I'm not. It's a cruel thing people judging a book by it's cover. I don't care if you are the most physically beautiful person on the earth if you have an ugly attitude that really changes how beautiful you are. And in the contrast even if physically you are the most ugly person in the worlds eyes, if you have a beautiful attitude you are beatiful. One thing I always say when I'm called ugly is that God created me in his image so therefore I am beautiful. And noone can take away how God has made me in his image and likeness.

Jessica Letson

Beauty is worthless if the heart is unclean, but anyone who has a heart of righteousness and purity, they are the most beautiful and precious, not only in man's eyes, but in Father's eyes!


Beauty is not an age. It is not a shape, a color, a height or weight. It can't be found in a bottle, a shot, an operation or fancy clothes. It's not achieved through Photoshop, airbrushing, or any other "tricks". Beauty is a 90-year-old woman taking joy in her flower garden. It is a 3-year-old girl dancing like no one is watching. It is a bride on her wedding day. It is a mother seeing her newborn for the first time. It is in the strength of a nurse holding the hand of dying patient or their grieving family members. True beauty is looking you in the eyes each time you look in the mirror. Look deep and see what your Father sees, beauty beyond compare.

Lorie Marie Blalock

Also I reccomend the book Captivating by stasi and john elderedge, the book is explaining how God see's the beauty of women how he created us to be beautiful and his purpose for women in life.


Wow Stacie...That was beutiful and totally true I just wish more girls would see that.


What was wrong with the lady to begin with??
I thought she looked really nice before they started in on her. At the end, she looked like a character on a game, like on a gameboy game or play station character. It's really sad that people strive for an impossible goal of beauty. Pictures get touched up, and the "problems" are edited out, so the person we see isn't even the real look! But I can understand where she's coming from, I'm 15, and I sometimes feel ugly and unattractive. I like the song "Crazy Beautiful", especially where it talks about how we don't need anyone's approval. My advice: Choose Who you want to please, and strive for that, set a standard, and don't compromise. It's hard taking a stand, but in the end it's very rewarding!


Well that makes me feel great...
and i bet every other girl on the face of this earth feels good seeing stuff like that on billboards.


True Beauty is being strong when the world sees you as weak.


this video is a reminder of how we live in this world and also what beautiful artworks of art each of us are. true beauty shines from the inside out. all of these comments are inspiring!

i found this one day and hung it up on the wall...

But the Lord said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at outward appearance. The Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7


Famous movie quote:
Son: My teacher tells me beauty is on the inside.
Father: That's just something ugly people say.


That was scarily amazing!
I can't believe how many times as a child I would watch my older cousins get ready to go out to dinner, a party, or even church, and I remember thinking almost every time that they would be doing they're hair, makeup, nails, etc..."Is this really what I'm supposed to do to be accepted? Why can't a guy just think I'm beautiful without all of that junk on my face?", "Didn't God make us all in His image? If He's so perfect and loving, I'm sure He still loves us for what we really look like when we wake up in the morning...right?"
Now I can see that His love for each and every one of us is unconditional. He loves us just as he made us and I'm pretty sure He made every one different so we can see how His love isn't only for these or those, but for everything that lives, including me.


The sad thing is most all of those posts are from women. While most men are still drooling over Baywatch reruns and making the rest of society (including themselves) feel ugly, fat, out of date of hair and clothes. We all know the sayings like, "beauty is only skin deep," but until we truly believe it we will pay for botox, face lifts, tummy tucks, crazy high prices for clothes, shoes, even haircuts. It really is sad that we cannot be happy with the beauty that God gave us. And then try to improve on our inner-beauty.

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