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June 25, 2008



The beep line again?! Come on, Ryan! Wally's lookin' pretty sharp in those golf shorts. Maybe you need to dress Ryan like Wally.


My radio connection was down last night OH MY GOSH! I was so upset! I realized how much I love total axxess! haha but I loved that video Krystal Meyers rocks and I loved some of the songs I heard of her new cd! oh and I think you need to go shopping again...


Ummm... The Topac shirt was my fav too. I must say I feel very bad for Krystal(AGAIN!!!!) Please Ryan, NEVER AGAIN!
Note to Ryan:Ditch the cheesy pick-up lines we girls don't like that.

Jessica Letson

aww i thaought the line was cute... but if you went up to a girl in starbucks and said that, the cops would be there faster than you could say "beep" again... BTW: ryan just pray that you'll meet the right one!


wally i think you are a little hard on ryan...

FYI ryan...its not the outside that matters...
just keep looking!


HAHAHA Total Axxess is Awesome, I like the show alot, and I got to agree the Pac shirt was deff the best. Ryan is a straight up Gangsta!! LOL also the line, I dont that might get you arrested one of these days LOL LOL. U guys are Awesome!!


come on wally i really think ryan rocks and your just bein too hard on him...and i think that last look was deffinately the best...almost just right for him but not quite...i think ryan's cool so stop beatin up on him!!


Ryan, dont listen to them, that line is awesome. Try that on somebody else, Wally out did himself and gave you an awesome line use it.


I liked the Topac shirt, my favorite look was the first look. He looked completey awesome, but since Wally isn't awsome, he couldnt see that.

amy lark

Ryan, i like your style just the way it is. Your cute, bubbly, funny, sweet and AWESOME personality just reaches out to people All the time! DON"T LISTEN TO WALLY! LIKE HE IS ONE TO TALK!!!! God Bless! and Good Luck!

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