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July 03, 2008





HOW DARE YOU WALLY!!! I would kill to have an auotgraphed skillet!!! That was so unbelivibly mean Wally!Grrrrr :(


this was crazy cool! Way to go Wally!


Wow that is pretty crazy!!! I would be SLIGHTLY upset if you did that to me Skillitized skillet but because that was awesome i will forgive you!!!

Vicki Standafer       bas

that was great


THAT IS SOOOO COOL!!!!! LOL wally i think you should try that!!! :)


THAT IS SOOOO COOL!!!!! LOL wally i think you should try that!!! :)


That is just wrong!!!! It Was awesome though!!! But I would hate you if you did that to me.


So Wrong!!! But so cool!!!!


WALLY!!! Your boss should get Steve to bend YOU. Just please don't get fired because I still love ya!

Also, I think it's funny that you wouldn't have let Steve bend your watch if he'd needed to "for the show." That's not being much of a team player! ;)


Oh my goodness. I can not believe you did that. You are going to totally have to tell us how that ended when your boss found his new wall art.

That was brave and don't get fired I love to listen to your show.

Steve Shore

HA HA HA HA HA HA. Gotta admit, that made me laugh. Especially where I know Dave.


That's crazy! I hope you still have a job.


holy cow!! if i had a skillet skillet and it got bent up like that, id go crazy!!!

hope you dont get fired.....

p.s. worlds strongest redneck belongs on country-fried home videos, not in the studio.

somebody :)

Wow hahaha that was so cool!! But I would kill you if I had a "Skillet skillet" and you did that (no offense but it would be awesome to have a skillet signed by Skillet so I would be really protective of it)!! I'm just glad you're not fired for that!! :)


Did your boss yell at you?????? That was really cool.


you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO doomed. If that was my mom's skillet signed by Skillet them-selfes, she would hunt you down and get you.


Dude you are a maniac!!!! That was a practicaly sacred piece of memorobeilia!! Your bos must be VERY nice for you to still have a paychek instead of forced labor!


Wally if you dont want your boss to find out why post it. He can just look at on the internet. By the way, that was so awesome, but if you did that to me I would turn into Jeremey Camp and squeze your head until the kicking stops.

not all there

I hope that wasn't really signed by skillet and that you just scralled there names on it

If that had been mine. O man!I would have gotten Jeremy to pound you.


of all the crazyy things you've done, wally............
only you, sweetheart. only you.


dude, what happened with your boss after that?

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