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October 16, 2008



awesome, just awesome


Oh My Gosh.my sister I was laughing our heads off last night when I was driving back from church.

Wally your Awesome
Fee Ya'll ROCK!


That's great! Why do I keep missing these interviews? I need to get rid of my friends and stay home more I guess.


They did an amazing job.
Poor Wally.
I'm sure this really help start the healing process.


hahaha Wally you are hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
your show is the best!
You Rock Out Loud!


My mom and I love listening to your show!!! I missed this one ,but as she was telling me about it she was laughing her head off. I had to come and listen. Great show!!!


Don't worry, Wally. We all have somewhat messed-up things happen to us...i wonder what your highschool journal was like...on second thought, judging by this was only your sixth grade journal...i don't want to know. Lol.


I couldn't believe that you too were thrown into a trashcan!! You brought back memories that I had totally wiped out (or so I thought). In my case, it was my brothers who threw me in a trashcan near a softball field. Yeah! I had almost forgotten about that! Thanks a lot!


Peyton Sheffield

that was just too funny!!! didn't you try to make some better journal entries? seriously!!! that just sounded wrong on some parts


HAHAHA that was great! my brother and i love listening to you ramble on...thats sad that seniors would pick on a little kid

Megan Bradshaw

Wally....Why did you do that?! Really sometimes you do the stupidest stuff and I laugh my brains out then feel bad

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