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November 12, 2008



Oh, Ryan, you're the best creepy Wal-Mart pseudostalker ever.
Props for going through with this.


Ryan is AMAZING! I could never pull that off! Especially on Wally and the Barlow Girls! Go Ryan!


Awesome! I do Operation Christmas Child every year! And, uh, no offence but how did you not notice Ryan?! LOL


Did y'all really not know he was there?


That was extremely scary! A wonderful representation of OCC, but a freakish stalking of Ryan the temp! That almost makes me want to watch my back in a completely different state!


Wow Ryan. You really like them don't you? That's commitment. But it is also pretty much illegal!Watch it.:)Don't worry u r not alone. I bet a lot of people would do the same!

Jessica Letson

i counted four times. creepsauce.


I did Operation Christmas Child this year, and it was pretty fun! LOL on Ryan! when did you find out? haha!


hahaha! i only counted 3. was that person outside ryan???


hahaha! i only counted 3. was that person outside ryan???


hahaha! i only counted 3. was that person outside ryan???


This summer I actually helped pass out these shoe boxes twice. The first time was in a refugee camp and the second was in a remote village in Tanzania. I highly recommend that when you fill up these boxes picture a kid that only owns a ripped t-shirt and one flip-flop if they are lucky. The best things you could put in these boxes are tennis balls, jump ropes, and maybe some flip-flops and a few t-shirts that are a few sizes too big. That way they can wear it for several years. Most kids around the world who have nothing especially don't have shoes. Even if you put in flip flops and it gets sent to a snowy location, that kid has one more layer between their feet and the cold ground. And don't bother with tooth paste. Odds are they have never seen it, don't have clean water to use, and will try to eat it because the label on it that says "Do not eat!" is in a language they don't understand. Wally, the bike would be a great idea and very useful, if it could actually fit. You would also probably need to include a lock cuz something that cool is most likely to get stolen.

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