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November 30, 2008


Aaron Pounds

Wally = TobyMac obsession?.........nah


Wally i have to say that was one of the most bizzar things i have ever seen!Poor Toby is going to be scared for life!


wow...poor Toby.lol you know we love you Wally!


Wally Mac! Crackin' Lackin'?


Wally is my hero...because his hero is Tobymac! (and by the way Wally...I think you were sporting the Toby-look awesomely...if that's a word.)


wow poor toby! That was a bit akward, i dont know if anyone else was feeling it but i know i was! Well i would agree, wally could be toby's twin, without the mutiple chins. . . LOL


lol. wow wally. that was completely rediculous. hahahahahahha. oh my gosh. HEY TOBY!!!! lol. ya'll rock. xoxo. jk. lol. luv ya

No Name Please

Sorry Wally but i have a couple things here,
1.You are not good at acting like when you tryed to dress like toby mac nad you were like oh wow yeah we are wearing the same thing. That is TERRIBLE!!!
2. You dont do very good with the matching outfit thing- seriously you could have done better!
3. Whats wrong with your tie?
4. Whats going with the beard!?!

Nalini Marcasite

Denver, cool! That's where I live...but I didn't get to the concert.


I have to agree poor Toby... Wally you are truly going overboard on him. I can understand the wall now. JK! :)


wally weird totally i think u freaked him out weird totally!!!! ()_()
(* *)

Abigail Armistead

That was kinda weird. Toby looked really awesome. I love his style so I see were you are coming from when you copy him. I saw the Winter Wonder Slam in Nashville. It was really cool and you looked really awesome. Just as good as Toby so be your own person. I love what you do. Toby is soooooo awesome. LOL.


haha, that was awesome Wally :)
I was at that show, and didn't get what you said on stage that night til of course later when Toby came out and all that.
What a tight show.. mmmmAZing!
Word. Ya'll rocked it. Thanks!

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