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November 02, 2008



Wow. That was harsh. You can bet I woulda soaped his windows ;)


Hay Guys (Zach)

If you came to my door I would have given you two pieces of candy just because you have the guts to do so. : )

Oh and I'm 14 and went with the neighbor boys who are 10 and 5 so it looked better. :) (though this is my last year I have been trick or treating for about 13 years)

I went as Queen Susan from The Chronicles Of Narnia

P.S. how much candy did Zach get?
and how much did Wally take from him?


Poor Zach... I was feeling the yarrr! He was totally ready! Gee whiz, hope Hails shared her candy with the poor guy.


I'm almost 35 and I've never been trick or treating either. Poor Zach! I can't believe you made him do that Wally. Haille is the cutest little penguin! I love it.


that is so funny! wally probly planned that all out. my friends didn't get candy from one lady either. she told them to go and get some jobs.


HAHA!! that is so funny!! i feel so bad for zach though!! Haille seems like a total sweetheart and it was super nice of her to give Zach a lesson!


wow seriously a pirate with Flip Flops. That was so last year... JK. That is totally rockin'! I love the name is it totally t-riffic! i will strill be trick-o-treating when im 30... it is so ok Zach!


that was very brave of you! hahaha. haille was so sweet to teach you a lesson! i hope you had fun and got to eat your candy before wally took any of it! haha. happy halloween!

Christina Schmidt

That's HILARIOUS!! WOW, what kind of childhoods did you all have without trick-or-treating??? I must say Hailie was adorable, and very polite!


Zach, that was very brave. love the costume!!! Hailie was so sweet, and I have to admit, for her age, she's a genius!
P.S. I was Queen Susan last time I went trick-or-treating too. But I stopped at twelve.

Nalini Marcasite

Aww, I'm sorry Zach! Better luck next year. Oh, and Haille was SOOO cute (such a clever idea for a costume!! Mine was L-A-M-E!)
Tell you what, I'll take care of the 'trick' for Mr.Sallie for you guys, okay? But don't laugh, you're next, Wally. ;)

Nalini Marcasite

Jk, u guys

Sarah Beth

OMG that was halarious when they went to that guy from newsong. "Do I know him..how old is he?" hahahahaha that is much more funny than my halloween.


I agree that the costume is a bit... odd...
And, Zach, you are very brave for wearing it...

I think Wally should give you a life-time supply of candy for that... lol

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