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January 07, 2009



So did you leave Betty out there or not, Wally? If you did...I have no complaints.


i like wut did we hide from betty better. are you ever going to play somthing like that with inturn misty?


I WILL BETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wally...You Rock! She essentially gave you permission with the "you wouldn't" line... you had no choice but to call her bluff dude... And IB, sorry girl, but you asked for it.


We have orders from Betty herself now, YAYZ! Totally gonna do it XD

Charlie Quiring

Betty... you blew it!
You had the chance numerous times while Wally was talking into the camera to take off and beat him to that door!
Clearly, you could have beat him...
Sizing you both up, it looks like you weigh as much as Wally's left leg!
There's no way he could have moved fast enough to first, realize that you took off and second, react and move fast enough to catch up to you before you reached that door.
He's almost twice as old as you, isn't he?
You could have won... but NOOOO.... you had to tell Wally "you would never do that..." so what did he do? He actually took it up another level, didn't he?
C'mon Betty... Wally just wants to play with you...
Don't you agree?


i am with wally, because that wuz awesome!! i wish i coulda helped... keep up the good work, luv ur music!:)


Betty told me to!!! =]


awwwwwwwww poor poor Betty!!!
it sure was entertaining but probably wasn't as funny for Betty lol =)
Wally how could u! did u really get her wet and drag her through the puddles?
poor betty =)

Chaplain Mark

You got my email on this subject - I'm just going to say - Bearing false Witness? You could have come up with a better reason then that to pick on that poor girl! Half your size and strength!
Shame! Shame! Shame on you! And my wife said your a goof ball.


Dude wally, you rock!!!


You're Awesome Wally!! That's ALL I have to say.

Betty, you ask for it!
- I would have so done the same exact thing though.

You guys are both crazy!


That made me lol so hard! I was litterally rofl! I loved it! Wally...you're crazy...but in an awesome way! Keep it up guys...this is entertaining!


well betty, u asked 4 it. but wally be a little easy on her :)

ryan google

that was awesome


On behalf of Betty, "Wally you are mean"


Even if she asked for it


ok, two things. one that was hilarious!!! and two, yes that was so mean and what type of reason does that give you wally, to race her and steal her purse. wow... sad people these days! lol jk, jk!


Poor Betty. Mean Wally. Here come the E-mails...



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