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January 10, 2009


alex Walker

that is one of the most awesome things I have seen in a while :D lol you guys rock!


Wally, awesome chart.. We got the Wii for Christmas too, and are definitely becoming total Wiiks ourselves. I never thought you could get so sore from a video game before! But cricket and shuffleboard? Is that the British Retirement Home version?


all i can say is that its still a video game. people need to go outside instead. don't say "try it," cause i did. i'd rather go on a run for about two miles than play a Wii game.Yeah, in the cold too. good luck with you guys,


Lisa Mongold

We got our girls a Wii for Christmas too, and I haven't even touched the thing yet. I'm too hooked on 24 for any other obsessions right now.

Jerusha Dunham

That's great Wally, we got a Wii for Christmas. My brother and mom have a lot of fun playing tennis and my niece gets strikes just about every time on bowling. She's only four years old, she's a Wii bowling progedy or something, lol.


Well....unlike everyone else on here...I don't have a Wii...so therefore I'm not a Wiik. But my best friend has one and I play it over at her house. All this talk about Wiis makes me want one! Where's my mom and dad! Hey mom! Dad! LOL!


I like how you even tilted the 3D chart to make yourself look even taller... :) Congrats Cham-peen! Crazy story: my mom bowled an over 200 game the first time she ever picked up a Wii-mote. That was crazy.

Desiree Higgins

No words for you. Except you have set a new personal record for yourself on compulsive competitiveness (is that a word?). Safe travels!

Connie S. Force

Hay Wally I love your show I love to listen to all the great stars. Please keep up the good work. I love to listen to your show.


Hey Wally, I am with the person who said they would rather run, except I'd rather run 10 miles(which I can do) than play a Wii. I will also find you on facebook to submit my funniest status update ever.
PS Your show is great and keep up the good work you do.


Wally, Wally, Wally.

Bill Duncan

The American Psychological Association has come up with WiiS. -- Wii Syndrome, which is related to FAD -- Facebook Addiction Syndrome. There is no cure other than an electrical blackout...Pary on, dude!

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