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January 30, 2009



well i'm sorry but i thinki will go with betty again onthis one lol =D
sorry wally =D maybe next time


well i'm sorry but i thinki will go with betty again onthis one lol =D
sorry wally =D maybe next time


Why did the "Cinco De Betty" birthday pinata incident just suddely come to mind while looking at these pictures?? ;) Poor Wally; being abused by his own interns...


after hiding betty's purse several times, im going to go with betty. you had it coming wally. :)


AW! Poor Wally! Unlike everyone else, I feel sorry for you. I wouldn't attack you for stealing my purse. It's not like there's anything good in it anyway. I'm broke. :-)


You earned this Wally XD


I'm proud of you Betty!! Wally, i have sharp nails too and i love my cats. I torture my older brother with them when he is mean to me. Betty, we have alot in common. You torture Wally when he is mean to you.


You definetly had this comming walley, I think maybe you should think about this the next time you want to steal intern betty's stuff. Nice going Intern Betty!


Betty why did you do that? You are supposed to be nice to your fellow employee's. (which does not include wally, zack, ryan the temp, or any other male worker. Got it Betty?

Good luck guys.


big baby! if your not use to that kind of pain by now your not a true man....:D jk...sorry you got clawed!


nice job Betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's what you deserve wally after what you have done w/ her.



Carolyn Faro

Doy, Wally! You are such a jerk! I can not feel any pity for you! But wanna know the really aggravating part? I still can not dislike you. Sorry, Betty. I side with you in all your Wally-problems, but Wally is still awesome!!


sorry wally, but you should have seen that coming after all you've done to her.Maby next time...


ha ha willy betty rox sorry though. betty betty betty wahoo:D =D :) ;) :0 ;D =0 =)


betty is so much better than u!!!!!!mhm and wally u is A JERK!!!! I do not pity u at all

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