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March 05, 2009



Omg there are only 4 reasons he would do that...lol...

1.he's gay

2.he wants the attention

3.he's gay

4.all of the above....lol.

but it was funny!

Aaron Pounds

ah man, i just laughed my butt off right there! that was hilarious!!


hey man, ping pong is tough stuff if you play against people that know what they are doing, we played all the time at school, unfortunately he took his skill at ping pong and erased by dancing like a douche bag, and the game wasnt even over yet


Is this even a real match if it is my goodness is this guy an idiot.


Wow, thats hilarious!!
If you scroll all the way to the right when the related videos pop up, you can see a video of this guy trying to defend himself. Its really funny after you've seen the first vid.


bahahahahaha i just peed a little bit
all that for one point

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