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March 14, 2009



i had no idea that mc fluffy weighed 411!!!!

Brandon Grasmick

One word.....watermelon. You guys have got to try watermelon.

Serena Hilton

Intern Fluffy rocks man! But Wally,...wow...putting two lives in danger for your wants...what can i say...shame. (But i'm still your #1 Fan!)

M.O.F.-MOM of Fluffy

That's MY BOY! Can't WAIT to see CIHIF-part 2~ What will it be??? A potty-chair? A watermellon-please say NO to THAT one, Wally---who'll clean it up?

Isaiah Brazzell

Very funny, Tommy!


Wally, you were totally trying to pull an "Office" thing there with the ball popping. Although I have to say, that would have been pure awesomeness.


I loved that show i can't wait untill fri
make it a pool jk lol!!!


Very Mythbustery? haha I think I'll start saying that now!!


You wanna talk about funny!!! that was great...


Fluffy must be a very emotionaly strong person for you to make fun of him like this... but that is a good thing... games are fun.

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