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April 08, 2009



I voted for you. :p


I also voted for wally on total axxess


i know you said not tp vote for you but total axxess is the best radio show ever!

Hannah Correll

Why don't you want anyone voting for you?


Hmmm ... but your "about" page shows that you're looking to win the greatest deejay ever award!


Serena Hilton

I guess I'm the only one who's actually doing what he says and NOT voting for Wally. It hurts me deeply, trust me. Especially being his #1 Fan! I still love you Wally, but Johnny DOES have a great jingle. :D


i finally got internet and get to listen to wally again, its a nice jingle but i gotta go with you wally.


I'm from NYC and Johnny Stone and the morning show crew are the only good things about Star 99.1 FM... that being said, you have the whole package from the music to the funny. I can't help but vote you you!!


hey, if you feel bad, i voted for you, BUT, i voted for you before you told said to vote for him. So, Sorry, but, you should have said something sooner.

Later Wallinator


I voted for Marcia Ware, since I listen to her sometimes, also. You said that you didn't want the award, so I wanted to make sure that you got your wish.


Hey wally, you know that just by saying you don't want anyone to vote for you automatically makes you like the winner... so i voted for you!


To be honest, I wouldn't vote for you Wally on the basis that you're being a hypocrite when you say you love Johnny's jingle when deep down you are laughing so hard at his idea. When you tell your listeners NOT to vote for you becoz you're so "Humble" & don't want any award, that simply shows how how you've manipulated you're listeners into calling you & re-assuring you, or in other words, you have them begging at your knees that you're the best of best & you deserve an award! You have always said on the radio that people don't tell enough times that you're a great person....but now, while pretending to support Johnny, you finally have all these callers doing exactly what you want them to do, praise you.


Am sorry Wally but Cindy got a point there! Too harsh though lol!


I listened, and I did not give in to reverse psychology, I voted for what I think is the best show, Marcia's Top 20 Meltdown. Can't you at least encourage your peeps to vote for a co-worker???


Wally, in case you forgot you do the whole counting up thing too on the hotlist... I'm suprised no one else pointed that out XD. By the way, I voted for you.


so uh how much is this johnny stone guy paying you for telling all your listners to vote for him??

Johnny Stone

DO NOT vote for Johnny Stone. Wally is THE man! A Vote for Wally is a vote for coolness!

David A Dein (Studio Producer of The Dove Award Nominated Looking Up To Number One with Johnny Stone)

I'm actually a fan of the Dove Award Nominated Program Looking Up To Number One with Dove Award Nominee Johnny Stone.. Do you think they'll change the Jingle now that the show will forever get to be called a DOVE AWARD NOMINEE??

BTW what the heck is total access, I never heard of it???

I sure hope Dove Award Nominee Johnny Stone thanks me when he becomes Dove Award Winner Johnny Stone.

Becky McClelland

I listen to Total Axxces on my way home from work each night and I love it! I understand why you would not want to win but I think you can also do a lot of good if you win. It could bring more attention to the show and then maybe one or more people may be helped by listening. I am not voting for Johnny Stone because I do not listen to him but I will honor your wishes and not vote for you either but I do think you should win!!!

megan boban,11

wally, in order to lose votes you need to tone down the awesomness

Mike T.

Wally, I'm torn. Do I vote for awesome, or super awesome? Do I listen to super awesome who says to vote for awesome? Or do I vote for what I know to be true?

...uhh when is the voting over?

I hope I can figure out what to do by then!

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