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April 06, 2009



Ha! Nice boombox. You really should be on Ace of cakes. lol


AWW.... Poor Wally. :(
We LOVE you!


im sorry wally...
Youre not a horrible person after all


Speaking of birthdays, I just turned 16 today. Look out roads! I'm sorry your boombox didn't win anything. You look like you had a lot of enthusiasm!


Wow! Thats a nice boombox! very neat. Too bad you didn't have fun.


Wally your cookie is awesome! =)

cool guy

Hey dude, you spelled apartment wrong!!

cool guy

Ya also spelled small wrong too!!! MAN, your bad!!!

Serena Hilton

Haha! AAAAW! In the first picture I want to just hug you! AW! That was a great boombox! I can't believe you didn't win just for 'no reason'. So lame. Hey, and speaking of birthdays, my birthday was sunday! I'm finally 15! YEA!
Great job Wally!


you look pathetic, you really do. No wonder nobody wanted to be around you.


ya but wally, you're wearing the fun run race shirt. that's just plain awesome.


How many people was he expecting to fit in the appartment anyway??? looked like only one table???

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