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April 15, 2009



This will be interesting...


I love it! Totally Rocking the house!


Anyone that loves skillet that much has to have a t-shirt. (Can I have one?)

Serena Hilton

Wow...you really love your Skilleteedoo, don't you Wally? :D If I were John, I'd be a little scared. Haha!
And just a note: I might be going to see Skilleteedoo on their Comotose Tour! Except...I won't be wearing a t-shirt. :-(


coolness... I wish i was as awesome as you to wear a shirt like that! I guess only the best can wear it. :)

Later Wallinator!

Joey Gonzalez

Skillet, Skillet-ee-Doo is an AWSOME band!
u Wally are an AWSOME DJ!

Remember God made you special and He loves you very much:D


Wally, at the concert NOBODY said skilleteedoo They all just stared at you like you were crazy!


@Serena Hilton:
You won't be wearing a shirt? Hmmm, people might give you funny looks!

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