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May 13, 2009



HEHE. I don't know if that will work. If it does, you should definitely get all the credit. Or at least 50/50. If you look on Twitter you'll probably get some clues... just a hint.


Kris Hanson

You're gonna feel like a jerk when you find out he had drowned in a lake.


Maybe to prevent (another) lead singer burnout they're keeping him locked away, taking him out for gigs and album recordings and then putting him back in his cage when he's done.


Michael Tait is missing? Weird. Maybe Wally scared him out of the Newsboys! ;) (Joking!) I like LlamaHomefry's explanation too. :D


Mike is missing... Wally says he's not lying, but it's so hard ot take him seriously sometimes.


HAHA! I think LlamaHomefry may be on to something ;) Peter would have never done this *mope*

For some reason this just reminded me...In the newsboys "Down Under the Big Top" movie; Phil Joel goes missing and his parents put his picture on the back of a milk carton. It's actually a kind of dorky picture too:


Poor guy. LOL! Maybe Tait ran off to the circus?? Might be kind of cool actually. then Peter would HAVE to come back ;)

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