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May 10, 2009


Troy A. Robertson

That was hilarious. Toby’s right you are an idiot. My wife and I are the two walking past you in the clip where you are telling the line of fans how to shake Toby’s hand. You should have gotten into the picture with us and Toby when I tried to get you to, but I forgive you. Stay goofy, because even though “God isn’t finished with you yet” that’s the way he made you. We support everything you do. Keep it up!!! Your ministries are always in our prayers. What about the video of your sleepless night on the boat? I’m assuming your wife and daughter would kill you for YouTubing that one.
God Bless,
Troy R.

Serena Hilton (Wally's#1Fan)

AW! Wally, come on man! Yea way to ''stay cool'' and not look toby in the eyes. Haha! I can't wait until the day when I go on the music boat!:D


O.o woa how about a little self-control Wally. I'm suprised Toby didnt just run away as soon as you running full speed at him XD


HaHa! Oh Wally, you're hilarious! :D Poor Toby deserves a lot of credit for putting up with you. ;) Peace man!


I searched google translator and friend isn't french for idiot

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