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July 23, 2009



My son, Liam (11yrs old) loves Wally! He thinks meeting Wally would be as cool as meeting Toby (who he loves, also). Wally, you are a joy to listen to.

Ted Edinger

Do you admit to having a man-crush on Toby???? :) Ha ha I think your show should be renamed...TotalToby! Fun stuff though!!!!


Do you have Toby's entire visit to your show archieved on your website?


oops! "Archived"


Ahhh yeah! :) I was hoping you would post some videos from that show on the website! That was like my favorite part of the whole show! (I loved it all of course.) And Wally, I had you figured out man! I knew why you were so good at that freestyle. ;) I told my brother when we were listening to it that you had already written most of that stuff. (I recognized it from your TobyMac rap song. ;) ) You a sucker Wally! HaHa! Just kidding! ;) Love ya both!

amy lark



that was hilarious!! I love listening to Wally!!


NICE!!! Hey, that wasn't that bad!!! Haha!!

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