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August 30, 2009



That is amazing.

Norma Haskins

Raccoons are determined creatures when hungry and will get themselves into quite a mess some times. They should be handled carefully though because of the possibility of diseases, not just rabies. I have rescued many in my career. Read about some of them in my new book "Unleashed- Memories From a Career in Animal Control" available now at http://eloquentbooks.com/Unleashed-MemoriesFromACareerInAnimalControl,html.

Tonya Sabin

Racoons are so amazing. I called and was on hold; but you could not get to me. I wish I could have talked to you. Im really happy you saved the beautiful Racoon. I just released a racoon that I bottle fed; the mother was killed when a car was crushed at a recycling yard, the baby fell out and was found after the fact. So I raised him. The best choice I have ever made. Im an Animal Control Officer and save furry babies everyday, but it is not everyday that a person can save a Racoon. Good Job! A true Animal Angel you are!

jon durham

dude, all i can see in that racoon gettin cheesed and like ripping off ur face. b/c of that mental image i am now laughing...out loud. you guys have a great show. god bless

Julie Mata

Wally you are awesome and so are all of Gods creatures!!


Wally you do realize your now some baby racoons hero right?


Thanks for keeping it real ;)


And your wife hugged the fireman, lol I had to laugh so hard it hurt.

Talitha Craig

That was awesome. I laughed so hard just wondering what the racoon must've been thinking laying there on the bucket! And the training comment....too funny man too funny :) Keep being you, were lovin it ;)

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