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September 01, 2009


Valerie Zorn

Thank you so much for Operation H.E.R.O.S.
I am a veteran and an Army wife (of 8 years) and it always means so much to hear that others support and care for us and our soldiers. My husband just returned from 15 months in Iraq and he always appreciated the packages that came his way. So, thank you for remembering that we still have troops that are away from their families in combat zones, even when, as you said, it's not on the news as much right now. Thank you so much and God bless you. and your family. Tell your daughter thanks for putting the box together. I'm sure the recipient will GREATLY appreciate it!

Tara Burner

Heard you on WayFM earlier today and am going to get a care package out this week!

Leslie Royce

I am so excited about this! Thanks for enabling us to DO something!

My brother returned from the front lines of IRAQ not long ago and I am heartbroken that it seems many people just forget that a war is going on!

Thanks again, In christ, Leslie


quick question: is there anything we can't send? (i'm assuming aerosols and anything perishable/meltable is out, but anything that wouldn't be obvious? liquids, clothing, etc?) is there a master list somewhere of good/bad things to send?

Kelli Doll

Hey, this year for Vacation Bible School, our church put together LifeBoxes, which are care packages to send to the soldiers. They included notes of encouragement from the kids, candy, gum, music, stationary, and Bibles. We need addresses of soldiers to send them to. I wrote down Jeff's address, but does anyone know of any other addresses of soldiers? We only have 10 or 12 packages, but I don't know if we should send them all to one place or spread them out. Thanks!!

SGT Jeff Koopman

Thank you, Wally, for starting this Operation. It humbles me as a soldier, a husband, and as a father, son, and brother (etc.) to see how much support is still out there for us. I know that this isn't exactly a popular war, and I know that everyone back home just wants us out of there, we want out too, but God called us here to do a mission. Thank you for reading my Trooper's Prayer on the air. I just wanted the listener's to get an inside look at what we soldiers feel like, sometimes. Thank you listeners, for all of your support. There will never be an adequate way to thank you all enough, for what this means to me and my men and women. Thank you all, and may God bless you all, and God bless America.

Tara Koopman (SGT Jeff Koopman's Wife)

Wally...I so appreciate your recognition of ALL soldiers...but I can't even begin to tell you what it means to me that you've chosen to specifically recognize my husband and our family. This deployment has definitely been a test of faith and has been used by God to show me the strength of Jeff and I's marriage.

With regard to things to NOT send, it's mainly just the obvious things (alcohol, aerosol cans, blades, etc). One thing we sent that was a HUGE hit and I KNOW they could use more of, especially in smaller sizes are thick soled flip flops. The women of the unit are in big need of them as smaller sizes go fast and they are hard to get hold of. It's nice for them to get the chance to get to take off their boots and feel "civilian" for a bit at the end of the day.

God bless you and all the listeners. Your prayers and support mean the WORLD to us.

Jerusha Dunham

Kelli Doll, I don't know if it's alright to mention another organization that supports our troops but I know of a great one called Soldiers Angels, the website is www.soldiersangels.com and you can become an "angel" and get some addresses that way maybe. One way is by adopting a soldier, but that is an ongoing commitment to write and send packages. There are also teams that do different things for our soldiers. I'm an "angel" myself and so I know a little about it though not a ton. Something I'd warn against is sending anything pork or with pork byproducts. Thank you SGT Koopman and your family for all you do.

SGT Jeff Koopman

Thank you so very much for the Care packages, Wally. I've been needing some more pogey bait! The bibles were surprisingly a big hit! I think the music was too. Haille, I LOVED your card, sweety. I'll take a picture for you. Tell, your wife that I LOVED ger card as well, Wally. You are one EXTREMELY blessed man to have 2 wonderful young ladies in your life! Thank God for people like you and your family.

SGT Jeff Koopman

Sorry, put down the wrong facebook address.

Carol Wright

Hi Wally...I just wanted you to know that I blogged about your operation H.E.R.O.S. in my monday series called "Make a difference Monday." My one-year-old daughter and I plan to fill a box and get it out to Sgt Jeff soon. you can find my blog about your operation here: http://crazycouponcarol.blogspot.com/2009/09/make-difference-monday-us-soldiers.html We listen to you every day in the car on WAY FM and on days that we are lucky enough to be at home I play WAY FM for my daughter while she plays (and while i work) rather than letting her watch cartoons. She and I agree that you are funny, she claps for you and laughs at your jokes. :) Thank you for everything that you do.



I wanted to let you know how great you are to be supporting our troops. So often the way people feel about the war is placed upon the soldiers. They need our support. My husband has only been in the army for less than a year, but total active duty for almost six years. It’s a hard life for him and for us, but we know no other way of living. He will be deployed next year for a year, and this will be our longest deployment. Sadly this is one of the shortest compared to some of the soldiers who are there. These gifts you send mean so much to them. I have spoken to many soldiers who have returned, including my brother who has served three terms over there. He got so happy when he received his packages. It means so much more than he can say. We are going to get through this next deployment with God’s grace, faith, love, and friends and with loving and supporting people like you. Great job!!!

SGT Jeffrey P. Koopman

Thank you, Trisha, for you beautiful words and heart. I know, firsthand, that it will be hard, and yes, we DO love each and every care package we receive, no matter if it's to us specifically, or to our company as a whole. I will be praying hard, for you and your husband, to make it through this deployment. I currently have almost 12yrs of service, and this is my 3rd deployment. It has been, by far, the hardest deployment to date for me. It's EXTREMELY hard to leave a wife and a 16mo old son at home for a year, let alone all my brothers and sisters. It's also been hard because my mother, who was my BIGGEST supporter, even though she thought it was foolish for me to join, recently passed away, last year on the 3rd of July. i come from a VERY patriotic family, and the 4th of July, has always been a big deal for us, now it's an even bigger deal, and more of a reason to celebrate, because we all know that mom is right this minute, dancing with God along the streets of gold, laughing and crying tears of joy. So from a soldier to someone who has a tougher job than us, Thank you, so much. I'll be praying for you.


Thank you for your service. I admire your strength and courage to do all this for your country. For people who you don't even know.


Wally after listen to your show the other day I had this wild idea. Me and my husband were talking and I told him I wanted to go to Lifeway here in Clarksville and buy a bunch of the Bibles that he has. It for the soldiers. But I don't know how good of a idea this is. I wanted to know what you think about it. Or what SGT Koopman thinks about it.Payday is this weekend for us. And I want to do something for the men and women who support us. And send them some of these Bibles like my husband for SGT Koopman to hand out to his fellow men and women to help them get throught the rough times that they may face over there

Tara Koopman (SGT Jeff Koopman's Wife)

Please, PLEASE send the bibles. Jeff got some in another care package and they were the first thing to go. It'd be great! No matter how many or few you can send.


Ok I have got the bibles to send over to SGT Koopman. But when I went to lifeway This weekend they didn't have the bibles I wanted to get for the guys over there. All they had was part of the bibles Just the new testement. But they are small and will fit in the acu pockets. I am going to be sending them in the next two weeks. I a couple of more thinks to put in the box. So It will be sent out soon


For Christmas: All packages going to an APO/FPO address need to be in the mail by Dec 3rd to insure Christmas delivery. This an important deadline that is set by the Post Office.

SGT Jeffrey P. Koopman

Thanks, Viv. Meagan, I would LOVE to get a package from you with ANYTHING in it, but especially Bibles. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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