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September 04, 2009



This is the best thing you have ever made! I LOVE IT!!

Stacy Carron

I am a "soccer mom" and I am a huge fan of Skillet and their song Monster....and what you have done with it was just amazing!!!! I heard it driving to the grocery store, and it just totally made my day!!!! Thanks Wally for all the crazy things you do!!

Jennifer@Smelling Coffee

I hate to admit it - but I'm a Momster - except for the mom jeans! At least now my family understands the pressure of being a Momster - thanks to your video. ;-)


im not a momster but my mom is. at times she can be really stressed and sometimes it gets so bad she has to apologize to everyone in the room.


Oh Wally -- that ROCKS! I too am a soccer mom with 3 boys! (11, 9 & 4) I can't tell you how much I LOVE Skillet, Monster & now Mom-ster! I've listened to you for a long time and you make me laugh daily! If you ever make it to Western South Dakota - Look us up at 97.9 The Point!
Thanks for making my day!


I was in the car when you played this. I was driving the kids around to their stuff. I laughed soo hard was very funny. I needed it becuase at that point i really did feel like a momster. So funny!! I love listening to you!!!

carrie orbeck

Wolly I nearly wrecked my van when I heard your song. My kids and I were laughing so hard. I love Mom-ster it is now my favorite song. I think you out did skillet's monster, I love skillet's music I have all of their albums. Mom-ster would make a great ring tone.
Thanks for being you
From murray kentucky


Oh my goodness! That is hilarious. You know the song "Monster" is our on-the-way to school song, and yes, I'm a mini-van driving mom-ster.

Simone M

That is so funny because it's true!!!! I too drive a minivan and crayon is definitelly on my wall! Way to go, Wallie. Love your show, man. God bless.

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