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January 07, 2010



Oh my gosh. That is just so funny! And Francesca, you are WAY prettier than I thought you'd be! Wally, you're just weird. Haha. Love you both!


Genius Franny! Sheer hilarious genius!


This has GOT to be the new AXXess song! Loveeeee YOUR voice (and the non-paradee song rocks!).


Francesca, Love your voice and style (this from a 50+ year old). That song is one of my favorites! AND, you got him good. Wally, I enjoy your show and commentary. You are "real" and that is good.

Brenda Green

Excellent!! Will this be the new Total Axxess theme song?


Not only is Franny Awesome but Wally's really smashing in that pink t-shirt. It's you Wally, totally you!


saw you at Village Baptist. Enjoyed it, your voice is GREAT!

Debbie Andersen

Franny I think You may have hit a nerve!
You know Wally is like one of those really odd and weird kind of animals that you just gotta love! LOL
Fantastic and funny!
And yes I love ya Wally!


Way to go, Franny! Sometimes you just gotta put um' in their place! You taught us all a great lesson with your song, "Don't be like Wally." Lovin' it girl!! We love you!! ;)

(We love you too, Wally. Hang in there))

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