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January 15, 2010


Cecilia from Missouri

Dear Way-FM Family , Re: 48 hours. Our neighbors in Haiti need us this day, hour, minute, second as they endure and heal.
Wally spoke of the Pact with the Devil. I heard that long before Pat Robertson. But no matter, that is not here nor there. What I do know is that on Jan. 12th, 2 young men I sponsor, Wilbert and Jean, through WORLD VISION may have not survived the Quake. What I do know is that on the Ground in Haiti are hundreds of Christians working for worldvision.org. who need the Christians in the States to aid them; Today, Tomorrow and For Days to come. Simply put the our neighbors need our nickles, dimes and bills.
Thank you World Vision for being hands and feet of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
www.worldvision.org or 866-947-5856


Dear total axxess staff,

Me (troy) and my wife(katherine madriz) always listen to you radio broad cast, if not 88.1 way fm. You guys have sponsered many giving events and this diaster is one has gripped my heart that B/C JESUS was calling me to donate cause there are his saved children and unsaved children of God that needed our help. For the ones that are not saved, that world vision can show them the gospel by reading it and putting it into action. I only trust this org... that will do that excat mission.

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