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January 27, 2010



That video is actually super creepy. What is with the model guy? If he doesn't get beat up for the song, he'll surely get it for his awful dance moves! Did you see him turn around when the rapper called him out at :41? My opinion: The "General" is a Rip-Off! "Pants on the Ground" is dead to me now. LOL


Back Pockets on the floor should be mandatory for student's at school, if you force them to watch it every time they have their underpants visible above their pants they will get the message...the vocalist could have a good career in subliminal audio tapes, smooth & rhythmic...maybe he did an experiment with the song and that is why some people wear their pants up to their armpits?

Bill Duncan

Pants on the ground is catchier than Pockets on the Floor, but either one is a great comment on contemporary fashion. Whether or not one is a ripoff, it's not mine to say.


I don't think it's a rip-off. You can't copyright an idea, only the expression of that idea. So, I think Larry is safe.

And POTG is much catchier.


POTG had better dance moves and is definitely catchier. If it's a rip-off, it was only made better.


What two have sang about Millions of others have had the same idea about this nutty trend.
Pants on the ground covers more aspects of this stupid trend and is more entertaining.


OK Wally that video was creepy!!!
it may be a rip-off but it is a VERY MUCH IMPROVED rip-off!!
I remain loyal to "Pants on the Ground"
Love ya!
and God bless!

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