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February 21, 2010



I'm sorry, but coming from someone who was a HUGE newsboys fan: the newsboys need to quit acting like dcTalk. I like what Kevin Max said regarding the whole thing on his facebook:

"fyi, for all people interested, no i wasn't invited to the Jesus Freak reunion at the Sommet center, and to be honest, i stand opposed to the way it has been handled.....newsboys should play newboys songs, grappling in the bucket for another bands hits and using their legacy is a pathetic way to gain instant crowd hype....thats all, quite sad actually. KM"


I disagree with Guitargirl and KevinMax. he doesn't live in Nashville, so it's understandable why he was not invited. Think about it.

And to Kevin Max: um...hello. That's what most bands do. Anytime a band "bands together"...combines a lead singer from another band with a new band...they TEND to play songs from the former bands. Think Audioslave (Cornell from Soundgarden...the others from Rage). There are a number of bands who do it. To say what he said, he needs to go to EVERYONE who has ever been in another band (including people like Eric Clapton) who has played their songs with bands who did not create that hit.

Think about...that!


Doesn't Toby Mac's band Diverse City use some of DC Talk's songs? It doesnt seem to bother Kevin in that case. So question to Kevin...Kev if you look through the Lord's eyes is there a diffrence between Toby's band Diverse City and other bands?? I don't see one. If it don't bug ya that Toby is using yall's old songs on his CDs then when why are you bugged with other bands doing the same thing?!


i thought it was pretty lame, i was a dctalk and newsboys fan. i think he does live in nashvegas by the way. M-Tait seems like a pre-madonna.


yeah, so in response to Audiogal, Kevin Max does indeed live in Nashville, probably about 5-10 minutes from the Sommet Center, so logistics wasn't an issue.

also, it's one thing to cover a song. it's quite another to make it the feature moment of the show. technically, it's not illegal, like if you said the song was yours. it's just lame. it doesn't show much respect for the artist not there (Kevin Max), and it doesn't show much respect for the legacy of a band like Newsboys. is their music not enough to drive a full show?


I liked it. I don't see a problem with using "throwback" songs especially because it's Michael Tait and Toby-to-the-miz-ac. They did a really good job with this in my opinion. Of course, this is coming from me, whose favorite bands are Demon Hunter, Disciple and Spoken, but I didn't see anything wrong with this.


I again see no problem with them using the song. They had a large amount of Newsboys songs anyways... who said that it was the "Featured" moment? Maybe it was... but that's because it's memorable.

To those who think it's wrong to use "another band's" songs when they join another...here's ANOTHER example of a band who does this: The Misfits. When Marky Ramone of The Ramones joined...they played at least one or two of the Ramone's songs...and it was even sung by the TRUE singer of the Misfits. Considering that band is now made up of three different bands, essentially...lead singer being the only original member...then a guy from Black Flag...then of course Marky.

I have zero problems with bands coming together...and then playing their songs. I think people are just bitter over the fact that Michael Tait has such a different sound than John James or Peter Furler.

See, it's like cooking...if you add another chef, you get a different opinion. A different flavour. This is the new flavour of the Newsboys... and Tait most definitely is honoring them by learning their songs and playing them. But they are a band...they are gonna make new songs. And they are gonna evolve depending on who the members of the band are AND where they are in their stage of life. It is a fact of life...and sorry, but people just gotta get used to the Music Industry.


wow. i liked it. Wasn't what i expected, but, it was good.




I don't think it was the song that made it a "feature moment", but the appearance of tobyMac rockin' it with that crazy awesome rooster strut! loved it! Thanks for posting the clip Wally! Toby wrote the song, so I think he has a right to perform it whenever he wants. But I admit I am a bigger tMac fan than DCtalk fan, but don't hate me for it :)


lets just put it to rest. Seriously, if Kevin had a problem with it, HE should be the one confronting Wally about it. and If he has, then why is it our problem? Its not us, so why bother?

Thats just my opinion.




from Nathan
There is a big difference between such a person as chris cornell being the only person to sing in his respective bands, to covering the songs that he only sang in those bands, to michael tait doing dc talk songs with newsboys or even back with his solo group Tait...dc talk had three great singers and very different unique talents and voices, and they only can be given justice when sang with all three of them together at one time...thats why i hate it when toby mac covers dc talk songs on his tours and michael tait with his old solo band and now even worse with the newsboys (i cringe every time i hear them by themselves do dc talk songs by themselves) they should just do there own respective songs and leave the dc talk songs be...if they want to sing dc talk songs so badly again than they are more than welcome to get back together...and that is coming from the biggest dc talk fan alive :) but in saying so kevin max had it right...still i love all of these bands and musicians and never will stop loving them...love newsboys, michael tait, toby mac, kevin max, and most importantly dc talk!


from nathan
and to add another comment here, its just sad to see what the legacy of the newsboys is coming to in that area...i love them to death and always will and was sad when peter furler left but still excited to see michael tait come on board, and love there new stuff....just please, please leave the dc talk songs alone and just be the newsboys...thank you :)


But, why can't it be a blast from the past? Why can't it be a one time thing? Is it harmful to do something from the past? Like an aduly playing a children's game. Its fun to reminise in the things of the past. That human nature to do. Whats wrong with that?


Tom Hardie

Honestly I'm not sure why anybody feels the need to criticize. Chill baby. Get off the critical roller coaster! Live and let live. If the boys want to play Jesus Freak, let 'em. It's not a tragedy of modern art. For those who think it is....please don't hestitate to sign up at getalife.com
thank you...peace out!

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