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March 29, 2010



I've always loved this adorable video!!!
Thanks Betty for sharing this with us and introducing Wally to more cuteness. <3 :)


i think this is 1 of the weirdest vidos ever! but i still think Wally is mean to Betty Rock.


I *LOVE* the cat videos... My cat is 16 years old (human years)... When I got married though I had to leave her at my parents do to the fact that my husband is ALLERGIC :p... And going to visit she always runs to me and gives me lots of kitty loving! :) Thanks for sharing the cute Kitty videos Betty! Thanks Wally for posting them! And Betty... for all the cat lovers.. be proud to be Cat Lady! :)


It would be the perfect cute kitten video, if it wasnt for man hands doing the gootche ga at the poor defensless kitty, no wonder the poor thing was suprised! (dont get me wrong i love the video, but i doubt that anyone was able to miss the creepy vibe this guy gave when they watched! lol)

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