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March 17, 2010



that was AWSOME!
Jonny needs to put that on an album!
you know if its all right with Ryan
Love ya ALL!
and God Bless!

Janice Gerrow

Johnny did the most amazing job with Ryan's song, he has a beautiful talent given to him by God... but wally was a lil rough on ryan, you could actually hear ryan slowly being deflated by wally.. Ryan, is just untrained talent...ease up on the honesty Wally. Not everything that comes to your head has to come out your mouth...


Wow, I was listening to this as it was playing on the radio so I decided to come watch the video. It really is an amazing song, good job Ryan.


Wow! To have something that *you* created and that had only existed to you and in your head come to life right in front of you in such a beautiful way and by the person it did- that must have been an amazing thing for you Ryan! They were beautiful lyrics & I agree with the woman that said it's just untrained talent and Wally was too hard on you. Keep at it, you're doing fine. And Wally, I agree with you, a friend does tell the truth. But, a true friend finds a way to tell the truth and not beat down the one they are supposed to care about. We are supposed to be building up one another in love... I could've swore I read that somewhere ;0} jk Now, as for Jonny Diaz, I live in upstate NY and unfortunately can't get a Christian music station unless it's a clear day and the planets are aligned and we run around in circles til we find a faint hint of one- but then of course a cow moo's- doing who knows what to the airwaves and we lose everything. Ok, I exaggerate- but not by much. Ok, my question is, I always thought it was pronounced DEE-az, but Wally kept saying DIE-ez in the video. Is that really how you say it? Poor guy, probably had airheads like me (and the male versions too) saying his name wrong his whole life. Been there....still there :0P


dat waz great johny i luv ur music, ryan noe how 2 write songs, wally ur a meany head and wally ur a...HA!

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