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March 05, 2010


Diane S

Dear Francesca, I need to tell you about a beautiful, beautiful person who makes my afternoons fun...WALLY !!!!! Peace, Diane

joshua ausburn

dear franny wally is so beauitful ON THE IS SIDE but not as beauitful toby to the mizac


ouch. Dear Franny, Wally is beautiful in his "own" way. no matter what anyone thinks! Wally is the beautiful in the inside. But, the outside could use some work. ok, ALLOT of work.


Bill Duncan

Franny, Our boy Wally, what can you say. There's an old song that goes "Everything is beautiful in it's own way" That definitely applies to Wally...the only thing is, what IS Wally's way. You know how pitiful he was when you went to the studio and he grovelled so that you wouldn't be mad at him anymore...THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! And you know how he often has to 'mea culpa' after sticking his foot in his mouth on the air or on video...THAT'S BEAUTIFUL! Wally's beauty lies in our being able to see our own worst fears play out in front of us and not having to take the hit ourselves -- it's very Christlike. Wally is the black sheep that does what we do, but does it in public (and somehow maintains his kind of twisted sense of humor at the same time). So you see Franny, Wally really is beautiful -- in his own way.

Austin LaBelle

Hey Franny! People don't always recognize it, but Wally has so much beauty built up in him, that it shines through his words for all to hear! Everything he says has a deep, underlying message...well, almost everything. If you learn only one thing from life, it should be that Wally has the beauty that can make anyone's day shine a lot brighter. God Bless, Austin.


Wally may not have beauty on the outside but he has so much on the inside. He can make a person go from being upset and angry to laughing hysterically (i would know.) He has a heart of gold... with a few dents. He can take what i say and relate it to something that (sometimes) makes sense. He can change a broken, stubborn heart to be happy, and healthy. He can fix what is broken. and he can say just the right words that i need to hear (whether or not i want to)

Thats how beautiful beautiful Wally is.


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