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April 06, 2010


G. Smith

HAHAHA! That is hilairious!!!

Melly L.

Lolz!! XD

Paula Kliewer

That's horrible. Yet slightly funny. I just don't know about you sometimes Wally.


That was terrible. I'm glad my kids weren't watching with me. Wally, you need help man...


Wow!!! I liked that :) Thanks for sharing!!!


ROFL! I love cats, but that is funny... sadly I could see my cat doing something like that.


That is absolutely hilarious! I showed it to my dad and he about doubled over with laughter. That is awesome Walle, you should post stuff like that more often.


yea wally that is flippen hilarious! post more stuff like this.....it's the best!


HA!! Just as I thought!! All cats are evil and God is starting to pour out His wrath on these creatures of darkness!! MWA ha ha ha !!!


I saw this video a few years ago, but it's still funny!

Jayson Lopez

WOW wally you are something else picking on betty rock maybe she'll pick on you next time.

Jayson Lopez

awwwww poor cat i hope my brother doesen't do that to my cat named tessie.

Dave H.

WOW!!! Thank God for 9 lives...LOL...He would have so landed on his feet if that wall didn't get in the way....LOL.


yes!! totally awsome!! i whatched it 3 times just now and it never gets old, just like those vidios of u messing around w/betty!!


Oh my gosh! I cried when I saw that video. And not from laughter. So sad! :'( Poor kitty! [That's not real, right?]

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