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April 27, 2010



Nice Wally! Looking good! haha :) I think I like your hairdo now.


I agree with Annalise. You look better now. My dads (step and real) had hair dos like that, it made my real dad look ugly, but my step dad looks really good. He wishes he could have his hair like that again (if he wasn't loosing it all!) But, your do, looks "good" :)~

Don't be a hater, be like the Wallinator! :)



This is kind of like a lame overload.
Im really not sure what is lamer, the hair or the studio. Ill figure it out soon and let you know.


Wow Wally. Un ya I dont think that there anything difrent about you now and then. Same wackoo we all know and love:)


Wow Wally, this is why we love you so... :)


that can not be you:}

Heather Harvey

Wow your hair was better than mine! What's your secret.


creepy. total weirdo now and then.( that is a complement actually)


Rock on wally


Hahaha!! I used to listen to Radio Disney, but most of the songs are about teen angst about breakups......

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