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April 05, 2010



WOW!!! I feel so bad for her! Still love wally though.


I love these videos! Wally can make any kind of situation funny with anything that he can find. That's making the most out of the situation. Keep it up Wally!

Jayson Lopez

wow wally you really got her there.


I found it pretty funny. My dad did that to me once. It was funny. Except i was 5 and after he did that, i thought they were tunnels and everytime the air conditioning guy would come to our apartment, i would think "Why is he using a toy to fix the air conditioner?" And then i was shocked when he didn't get inside of it and use it like a tunnel. :)

Later Wallinator!



She is adorable!

And the video kinda makes me feel like Wally and Zack are her long lost big brothers or something. It's that kinda dynamic.

So adorable.


Oh Wally......

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