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May 16, 2010




I listen to Total Axxess every day on the way home from work.

Someday's I feel like a I've missed being the light to the lost. Listening to you makes me lighten up and realize God is not through with me yet..

I decided to check out your website and saw your picture...I have to say dude....you do look alot like Alton Brown..pre-diet..

Love your show thanks for being so much fun...I can take things to seriously sometimes.


hey wally its me gabi i checked the cat video and that looks like its realy mad ! if i was betty i would run away as fast as i can love you lots and the whole cast and inculdeing betty (=


HA just wanted to say that picture is priceless. even the facial hairstyle is pretty close. Great job Wally


lol,by the way did any body tell yu how much you suck at raping god bless a.j

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