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June 11, 2010



That is such a beautiful video, it choked me up too. God bless our troops. Amen.

jorge arevalo

u sure know how to make a grown man get choked up,GOD bless u , and our troops!!!!!!!


Oh my gosh. Okay, Wally, I never cry. I'm a girl...but I NEVER cry at anything I watch. But this made me cry buckets of tears...it was so so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing!!!



I cried. My brother's dad was over seas for a few years and i remember the day he came home. It was amazing. I know how it is when your scared that he may never come home and then seeing them come home, you loose your mind.



That was amazing Wally. I am not one to cry, but I bald. Tears were flowing down my face. GOD BLESS AMERICA:). GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!!!!:)


That video brought me to tears. My favorite parts were when the kids at school were surprised by their family members.

jody Haygood

I wish the could all come home. God Bless our troops and their families.

Tim Bynum

Why did you post that video? My man card just fell out of my pocket!


I love it! So moving. The one that touched me the most was the the first one with the girl @ school, the the little boy who said "I Love you dad" so touching!

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