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August 30, 2010



That's nowhere near as painful as the 'Universal Precautions' video we have to watch at the school on how to handle bodily fluids. The fake ketchup blood is the best! That and the fact that some of the teachers STILL get squeamish watching it.

jennifer diel

wow words can't begin to express how bad that was. Good laugh though, thanks for posting.


Ha! I heard that on Way-fm last night, and looked it up before school. It was even funnier! :D Nice laugh. Thanks


Wasn't this also on an episode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids?


Dude no way that is real. R u serious, make sure u put a lid on it.

Marj Fose

Spongebob's Krusty Krab training video that was intentionally designed to demonstrate lame training videos and was intentionally funny can't hold a candle to the degree of lameitude of this little gem. I'm still shaking my head...Noooo, this is just wrong.


WOW did they really make that vidio? That was the dumbest thing EVER! thay made for like 5yr. olds. WOW even 5yr. olds know to use a clean spoon, but wendeys doesn't. that kind of scares me!!!!=)


Wow!! I can only imagine the the Grammy nominations:
Best Choreography in a fast food commercial
Best Lyrics in a fast food commercial
Best Costumes in a fast food commercial
Best Special Effects (impressive smoke) in a fast food commercial
Best Use of 4 keys on a synthesizer in a fast food commercial
Best Cinematography in a fast food commerical
And Most Certainly:
Best Nasal Singing/Whining in a fast food commercial!!!
Makes you wonder where this dashing star and 1 hit wonder are now?

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