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August 25, 2010



This a Great Song. These guys help sooo many people heal and find strength with their songs. May the words reach the ears of those who need it most and be Richly Blessed.

Simply Prayer

You guys are simply amazing. That song touched me in so many ways. Bless you


Love it!!I heard this song on the radio this afternoon and had to come right home and listen to it again online. May God continue to use you all in a mighty way!!

Sls 1975

This song has such a strong asking of forgiveness behind it. The story of the birth of this song is astounding. Once again, TAN has brought a powerful message to all who will listen. What an awesome ministry they are.

Mike did well on the "rapping" part, too!


Ive needed to use His grace too. I Love You guys. Always bringing me messages from God you are...


Awesome! I love this song!


This is helping me through a situation I'm in right now! Today I prayed that God would show me the way through the pain and anger to forgiveness, because I don't know how to let it go. "Oh Father, give me grace to forgive them 'cause I feel like the one losing" and what Mike shared about the song is speaking to me. And I feel like God is saying, Here you go.



I love it, I can't wait to buy the new album. The interview was awesome. Wally you rock...Vicky.

Elizabeth Murray

I love this song and can't wait to download the new album. this song reminds me of my best friends story and made me cry lol

Hannah Sexton

That was amazing! Crying ... Thanks so much guys <3


This is just awesome, a touching song, I am really working on forgiveness and that is what I got from this song.


The song really touched me too. Wish you a great concert tonight in TN. Will be praying for you all!


I love this song. *sniff* if only I used itunes... ahwell.


Hey guys..this song has really touched me and hit hard when I heard it. I've had to battle through those "I can't believe what she said, and I can't believe what he did" moments as of the last 5 months or so when my wife- to- be came out regarding some secrets she had been keeping inside regarding our relationship before we were getting married. Around the same time "Healing Begins" was released, talk about God's timing right? It has been a struggle for me to "just let it go" of those old wounds. I've had to have a lot of prayer over the situation, as well as asking God for His forgiveness for my unforgiveness. But since then, with God I was able to push through it, and I've been married to my wonderful wife over 3 months now! It has been a battle though and a struggle to keep the past from seeping into my marriage, a relationship God has made new and washed clean, but it has made us stronger. As of recently I feel I have had a clearing in my path. And as many of you who commented who are or have gone through a similar situation, you are not alone. I feel it holds true to Revalation 12:11 when it says "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony". So this testimony I feel is a part of my healing and overcoming. And I'll leave with this: "Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed." - James 5:16....God Bless you TAN!


Where can I get it?


I wanna buy this song!


You guys will never make a bad song. Anything you guys do is amazing.


Love this song! please release it soon!!!!


I absolutely love this song!
Every song you create for God is amazing!
Keep influencing people because your great at it! God Bless You!


This song, WOW.... it made me cry. Yes "Father Give ME grace to forgive them because I feel like the one losing". I am recently divorced and a mom of 5 beautiful children. What i struggled and sacrified to save was destroyed almost effortlessly and the ramifications are still being felt. I pray for God to continue healing all our hearts. God does turn every "bad" in to good and this He has used to make me stronger and refine me as a child of HIS, so in the midst of pain and heartache and so many shed tears GOD is faithful and is working in a mighty way in this family.
I pray HE will continue to remind me I'm NOT the one losing....

Josh Harper

This is by far the best work Tenth Avenue North has put out! I love this song SO much! When are they gonna release it?


I love this song! im 13 years old and it was making me cry! its such a good reminder that God is always with you even through the toughest times. you guys are my total favorite band and i cant wait until your next album is released!


oh and i just have to say, mike, your a good rapper! like a christian eminem or something!


Awesome Song guys! I can't wait for your next CD!


Wow...this song is amazing. A style you wouldn't expect from the band, but it works perfectly and the lyrics hit home. Thank you!


I heard this song on my way home today. It is exactly what I needed to hear. Touched me in a HUGE way. Thank you,

Sheddlie Lytus

You guys never cease to amaze me. You're being used by God to reach out to people by your songs. This really affected me, it really connects with what I'm going through now. Thanks so much, I love you guys. You too, Wally(:


I listened to this song over and over and it makes me cry but believe me it's tears of joy. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Thank you guys.


Hey Guys i went to your concert in MAY and i wanted to ssay that your a very good help when it becomes time to know that god is there. Thank you

Tenth avenue north rocks

wow this is a great song

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