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October 13, 2010



do u think they would really sing my shoe if i asked them 2? i don't know if i want to be touchin their hair though. it looks kind of greasey. That's bisides the point, the point is that it really is a side of Chris that we have NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!


and probably never see again...


im gonna get a bowl.... that guy got a wedgie from a girl.... *sad*


Dude! I love Trip and Tyler... got introduced to them by a friend at northpoint. Even their church vids are hilarious http://trippandtyler.com/ Love them fools!!!


I love C. Tom like this!


Chris Tomlin is a GOOBER!


That just made my day!!! :) I will laugh at that for about 3 more weeks! How did they keep a straight face when they shot that video?!!?

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