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October 29, 2010



that video is hilarious if my cat did that I would be finding new and improved ways to get him to faint lol


So sad...that has to hurt after a while.


It's one of those things that are sad but funny. You're not really laughing at the fact that the poor cats are fainting like that, it's just the thought that's kind of amusing lol


These animals are in serious need of medical attention. I am not a professional vet., but something must be wrong! Also... I have a kitten exactly like the black/white kitten! He does not faint.


Is it ok that I couldn't stop laughing?! This would win the grand prize on AFV!


this is so funny. i showed some people in my office and they said "that's so sad"..... are they missing something? this is not sad, this is HYSTERICAL!!!


They don't really "Faint" Their muscles tense up causing them to fall over. Their body's are just stiff, they are not really fainting. My friend's cat dose the same thing.
I feel sorry for them...but I just couldn't stop laughing.

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