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October 12, 2010


Ty Medley

I figured Betty Rock for a blond . I have heard her on the show and always thought she was a blond ! Love you guys


she is blond, in a brunette kinda way. :) I found that funny Wally! (i need a nickname for you..) Especially when you fell in the paint. :) your misery is my pure enjoyment. You probably just ruined those clothes... oh. well. Those pants were ugly anyway... and the purple shirt (i think its purple...) doesn't go well with your physique...

Just saying...



saw your pic for the first time today and you look better than i imagined after all the years i've been listening to 105.9, sorry but i'm surprised, lol!! seriously though, my non-Christian husband thinks your pretty funny and listens to what you say from time to time, of course, until one of those 'fluffy' Christian songs come on, then -of, course- he immediately changes the channel -i think it's hilarous! Keep it real -the lost do listen (even if it's cause they don't realize they are) something i noticed, last night while driving him home cause he couldn't (if you know what i mean) he turned on his radio station and a song came on that you played on your show! What! Christain music has inflitrated main stream? I asked him why he liked it and he said, it had a catchy tune -he likes rock -the worse it is the better he likes it. -end note- personally i have lost all hope and had many doubts about God and Jesus -been so close so many times to running/driving the wrong way down a dead end in the evening and your voice and choice of music has turned me round' time and time again (for many more reasons than just my husband) -it's hard to cut your way out of the spider-web with sticky tape as your only tool, lol. keep it real! Jesus did. -Natalie

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